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Quality Assurance

Every item that leaves our facility goes through an over 600-step quality assurance process to ensure that you receive clean, safe medical cannabis every time you purchase from us.

Cultivating a consistent product of high quality is the goal at AgMedica. We achieve this with state-of-the-art indoor growth chambers or grow rooms. Each of our grow rooms are independently controlled, separate environments. This allows use to have multiple growing environments to promote optimal growth across multiple crops/strains.

To achieve a consistent product, we must first cultivate a consistent crop and replicable results across many crop cycles or rotations.

We use an automated environmental control system to maintain optimal growing conditions. The air in each room is reconditioned through individual air handlers. This system can run 100% recycled air through the grow rooms, affording us an exceptional efficiency through conservation of energy. To ensure we give each plant the same amount of water and nutrients we utilize a fully automated irrigation system. We can precisely irrigate our crop, ensuring optimal plant health and conservations of water and resources.

Our grow rooms are at the forefront of innovation. We cultivate our crop using a 3-tiered or level system. This maximizes our production per footprint for each grow room. Compared to traditional single level grow rooms, we can produce up to three times the production per same footprint. This adds complexity to controlling an indoor environment with multiple grow levels. We again rely on our state-of-the-art environmental control system and independent air handlers. We have dozens of sensors across the entire length and breadth of the grow rooms and at each level. This allows us to monitor and control for any fluctuations in the environment. With this precision we can maintain consistent growing conditions at the three growing levels and across the entire room.

These key features ensure that each plant generates the best ratio of flowers relative to vegetative waste, that the speed and predictability of the number of crop rotations is optimized and that the continuous reduction of input and environmental control costs do not compromise product quality.

There are many crucial components to achieve a repeatable consistent crop. The precise environmental controls offered by our state-of-the-art automated systems is a feature that sets AgMedica Bioscience out from the crowd.