Avoid the dangers of smoking cannabinoids by using a quality, compact vaporizer - it not only eliminates all smoke (replacing it with steam) but is viewed as one of the safer ways to consume medical cannabis....and yes, gone are the days of big billowy smoke clouds. Vaporizing can be almost odourless and far better as well for one's oral health compared to smoking.

A quality vaporizing unit also allows a patient to consume their cannabis is a very cost-effective manner. A vaporizer is very appealing because it gives the user full control of their experience as it is occurring.

Many experts suggest that all new users to cannabis start with a quality vaporizer because it allows one to start low, go slow, stay low and get to know one's lowest beneficial amount. It also allows the patient to see the plant - grinding a small portion, smelling its unique terpenes and taking a quiet moment to either micro dose a small amount or breath in a larger amount of medicated steam to achieve a more extended outcome. With full control of the exact temperature you may want your cannabis steamed at, one can affect the intensity of their experience through temperature setting alone all with the easy push of a button on the vaporizing device. Vaporizing will allow the patient to accentuate the different cannabinoids and enjoy the variety of terpene flavours that react uniquely to different temperature settings. We have a helpful guide that shows this in a very simple format. We can also take you through the steps on how to realize the benefits of a vaporizer.

Boiling Points of Cannabis Compounds

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