Safer Options

NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and opioids are necessary under certain health conditions however, their escalating use is contributing to adverse health outcomes, including deaths by overdose, GI bleeds, cardiac events and more. Like all prescribing decisions our trusted healthcare providers make, it is a matter of cost-benefit. We look for symptom relief and we get that benefit...but there is often a cost when it comes to side effects and adverse events, these often presenting themselves without warning. As our population ages and educates, people are looking for safer alternatives, ones that offer hope and an improvement to how they currently experience living.

Have you considered medical cannabis as a viable option? No one has ever died from cannabis. Sure, it's not for everyone, but isn’t it time we got educated about safer options? According to experts, we currently have enough clinical data to support cannabinoid therapy across several challenging disease states. As the opioid epidemic continues to take it’s toll, opioid deaths now account for more than 4000 deaths per year in Canada, and it's not declining. Can cannabinoid therapy address this urgent health crisis? Pain remains one of the most universal and debilitating human conditions known, yet aging Canadians are faced with fewer and fewer options. As we approach the baby boomer tsunami, high CBD cannabinoids need to be considered as a serious option for those suffering from chronic pain and other self-limiting health conditions.