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Many of AgMedica’s product names reflect our broader mission of “patient first” and are linked to the word journey, the unique direction that we are all taking – as clients, patients, health care practitioners, support systems for loved ones, and as members of our national or local community.

We all have much to gain along this journey – greater personal knowledge of medical cannabis, an understanding of safe medical cannabis use, new solutions to unmet medical needs and the opportunity to share one’s voice, interact with us and provide insight and feedback about treatment choices and the impact they’ve had.

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Terpenes are present in most plant life, and give each strain of cannabis it’s particular medicinal and aromatic qualities. Patients will often try to match certain terpenes to their particular condition for maximum relief. In order to activate these terpenes, set your vaporizer to the boiling point of a specific terpene in order to leverage its particular effects.

The treatment path we all take comes with responsibility but also with high expectations. We appreciate the importance a medical decision like this can be as you embark on your own treatment journey. At AgMedica, we stand for the professional standards and practices you expect from a leading licensed producer of medical cannabis. We are deeply rooted in providing you with quality pharma grade cannabis products that will suit your specific and individual medical needs.

Every item that leaves our facility goes through an over 600-step quality assurance process to ensure that you receive clean, safe medical cannabis every time you purchase from us. We have also developed a system to make it easier for you, your families and your health care practitioners to select the right medical cannabis for you, all the time. If you need any help along the way, our trained patient care team is ready to assist you. Smile….we’ve got you covered at every turn!