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Many of AgMedica’s product names reflect our broader mission of “patient first” and are linked to the word journey, the unique direction that we are all taking – as clients, patients, health care practitioners, support systems for loved ones, and as members of our national or local community.

We all have much to gain along this journey – greater personal knowledge of medical cannabis, an understanding of safe medical cannabis use, new solutions to unmet medical needs and the opportunity to share one’s voice, interact with us and provide insight and feedback about treatment choices and the impact they’ve had.

Our Products

  • Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

    The ZEUS Purify Cleaning Kit contains all the supplies you need to keep your vaporizer and its components clean and fresh. The kit includes the ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution, a pack of 20 ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners, a pack of 20 Zeus Grime Wipes, and a pack of 20 Zeus Grime Sticks. The ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution is specially formulated to be tough on grime and build up, yet gentle on your valuable vaporizer parts as it is a concentrated aqueous cleaner containing detergents, chelating agents and alkaline builders, and does not contain alcohol, poisons, fumes and is non-flammable. While the cleaning solution helps work away the build up, the Bristle Pipe Cleaners make sure that anything remaining can easily be scrubbed away.

  • THC Oil Drops Medical

    AgMedica’s THC Oil Drops have the highest concentration of THC of AgMedica’s available oil products. Products with higher levels of THC have been used to help treat pain, sleep disorders, and nausea.

    Potency: High levels of THC

    Available in two sizes: 30ml and 40ml

    Carrier Oil: Olive oil

  • Balanced Softgels Medical

    AgMedica’s medical cannabis softgels are an oil-based extract cannabis product made from high quality cannabis strains grown indoors in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility utilizing GMP standards. Our extraction process is designed to efficiently convert premium dried cannabis flowers into a quality finished product using medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) as a carrier oil. Simple and discreet usage that comes with precise dosing, makes cannabis softgels an excellent choice for cannabis consumption.

  • Sojourn™

    Sojourn™ is an Indica dominant hybrid medical strain with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. Savour those elusive, evanescent moments of reflection at the outset of your treatment journey. Balanced medical strains have been known to produce effects associated with both cannabinoids THC and CBD. Sojourn™ is commonly known as Babba's Erkle Cookies.

    Notable terpenes in this strain are: Pinene, Nerolidol, and Myrcene. THC: ~6 - 10% / CBD: ~4 - 8%

  • Vertical Beverage Minis Medical

    We are pleased to offer THC infused beverages to our medical clients. Our THC mini beverages are infused with an indica dominant distillate derived from high quality, indoor grown cannabis. Mini beverages allow for discreet consumption while delivering a serious flavour option. Each mini beverage is 55ml in size and contains ~10mg of THC. Current flavour options: Pomegranate Blueberry and Lemon Lime.

    For any questions, please contact our Client Care team.

  • SaferLock MedBox

    Introducing the SaferLock Medication Box, designed to keep your medication secure. Comes with a 4-digit locking cap to help avoid accidents and to prevent unauthorized access. Measures approximately 8"x5".

  • Focusvape Pro

    The Focusvape is an economical, pen-style vaporizer. It includes a removable 18650 battery, for easy battery-swapping on-the-go. Focusvape has a 1 hour battery life and heats to temperature in under 2 minutes. It features a conduction-style ceramic heating chamber, precise temperature control, and an airflow control dial. Comfortable rubberized grip. Great for users who want an easy to use portable vaporizer!

    Available in three attractive colours.

  • Utillian 721

    The Utillian 721 features convection heating and 8 temperature settings in an easy to use package. The internal battery lasts 1 hour and heats the stainless steel chamber in 1 minute. One-button operation make this upscale unit an attractive option.

  • Zeus Smite +

    An upgrade of the best-selling Zeus Smite Vaporizer, the Zeus Smite+ features an LCD display, precise temperature control, and up to 2 hours of battery life. The unit uses conduction to heat the ceramic chamber in 1-2 minutes to a range of 40C-222C.

  • Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder

    The ZEUS Bolt grinder is made of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum and features diamond cut teeth that are calibrated to provide the best consistency for efficient vaporization. This 4 piece comes with an air tight carrying case for travel making it the perfect grinder for any vaporizer.

  • Quant Vaporizer

    The Quant Vaporizer is elegant and sleek, but also functional. Easy to use, with an attractive white LED screen, the Quant vaporizer has a fully customizable temperature range of 320F-430F. It reaches the desired temperature very quickly, with internal LED lights to let you know when it is ready to use. Available in four finishes, Wood Grain, Marble, Matte Black and white with the AgMedica logo.

  • Balanced Oil Drops Medical

    Our medical cannabis oil drops are extracted from high quality cannabis strains grown indoors in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility utilizing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

    AgMedica’s Balanced Oil Drops have a relatively balanced ratio of THC and CBD. Balanced medical products may potentially provide relief from pain, inflammation and nausea.

    Potency: Moderate levels of THC and CBD

    Available in two sizes: 30ml and 40ml

    Carrier Oil: Olive oil

  • Expedus™

    Expedus™ is a hybrid medical strain cultivated to produce moderate to high levels of THC content. Capture the moment and allow the senses to expand along the path of your choice. Some medical strains with moderate levels of THC have been known to help with inflammation. Expedus™ is commonly known as Shishkaberry.

    Notable terpenes in this strain include: Pinene, Cymene, and Caryophyllene. THC: ~12 - 20% / CBD: ~0.03%

  • Inclinium™

    Inclinium™ is an Indica dominant THC enriched medical strain. Heighten the breadth of your journey, invite positivity and peacefulness as you carve your path. Strains with higher THC have been used to help treat pain, sleep disorders, and nausea. Inclinium™ is commonly known as Cold Creek Kush.

    Notable terpenes in this strain are: Pinene, Cymene, and Caryophyllene. THC: ~15 - 23% / CBD: ~0.3%

  • Celestia™

    Celestia™ is an Indica dominant strain that has moderate levels of THC. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step you are taking at this moment. Strains with moderate levels of THC are known to invite relaxation, while easing anxiety and stress. Celestia™'s common name is Kent County Kush.

    Notable terpenes in this strain are Pinene, Ocimene, Linalool and Myrcene. THC: ~16 - 22% / CBD: ~0.05%

  • CBD Oil Drops Medical

    AgMedica’s CBD Oil Drops have the highest concentration of CBD of AgMedica’s available products. Products with higher levels of CBD have been used to help treat chronic pain and epilepsy.

    Potency: High levels of CBD

    Available in 20ml size bottle

    Carrier Oil: Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT)

  • LITL 1 Vaporizer

    The LITL One vaporizer is a very simple and straight forward budget vaporizer that offers users one temperature setting, 45-second heat up time, 850mah battery, ceramic chamber, a glass mouthpiece, haptic feedback and airflow control. It is perfect for those interested in an inexpensive way to try vaporizers for the first time.

  • Utillian 421 Vaporizer

    The Utillian 421 vaporizer is a follow up to the best-selling budget vaporizer, the Utillian 420. The Utillian 421 improves upon its predecessor offering 6 temperature settings, bigger battery, and airflow control, all while maintaining the digital display and glass mouthpiece people loved from the previous model. Available in four attractive colours.

  • Umbrae™

    Umbrae™ is an Indica dominant strain with a relatively balanced ratio of THC and CBD. An authentic voyage of discovery is not in searching out new sights, but in having new eyes. Balanced medical strains are known to be restorative and relieving. Umbrae™'s common name is Riverview Ride.

    Notable terpenes in this strain are: Cymene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. THC: ~2 - 8% / CBD: ~5 - 11%

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Terpenes are present in most plant life, and give each strain of cannabis it’s particular medicinal and aromatic qualities. Patients will often try to match certain terpenes to their particular condition for maximum relief. In order to activate these terpenes, set your vaporizer to the boiling point of a specific terpene in order to leverage its particular effects.

The treatment path we all take comes with responsibility but also with high expectations. We appreciate the importance a medical decision like this can be as you embark on your own treatment journey. At AgMedica, we stand for the professional standards and practices you expect from a leading licensed producer of medical cannabis. We are deeply rooted in providing you with quality pharma grade cannabis products that will suit your specific and individual medical needs.

Every item that leaves our facility goes through an over 600-step quality assurance process to ensure that you receive clean, safe medical cannabis every time you purchase from us. We have also developed a system to make it easier for you, your families and your health care practitioners to select the right medical cannabis for you, all the time. If you need any help along the way, our trained patient care team is ready to assist you. Smile….we’ve got you covered at every turn!