How to talk to your Health Care Practitioner

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Have you considered talking Cannabis with your Health Care Practitioner? If so, here is a way to ease into the conversation.

Be honest, make it an informed discussion that will demonstrate being proactive. Try talking about someone else you know (“a friend”) who is using medical cannabis effectively. Mention a documentary or news show you’ve watched and found very informative, that had convincing positive points about its therapeutic uses. Share bits of information about research you’ve discovered on the Internet, doing your own research shows you are interested in taking responsibility for your own wellbeing.

These are a few ways to begin the delicate conversation. Do not be alarmed if your Health Care Practitioner tells you that he is uninformed about the subject; does not feel comfortable giving the referral or seems dismissive.

Low and slow is key in the beginning; also think about journaling your results.

Be your own advocate with your Health Care Practitioner, do your research before attending your appointment. You may wish to make note of how cannabis has helped others. Research the different strains and methods of consumption ahead of time ( to discuss with your Health Care Practitioner. Discuss a trial period and an assessment plan. Focus on a successful outcome and what that looks like.