Dosing Cannabis

First of all, keep the matter of dosing simple and with full knowledge of the levels of CBD and THC your product contains. Dosing Cannabis can be very straightforward and comes with very little risk. No one has ever, in the history of time, overdosed on cannabinoids, but yes, they have overconsumed. The "therapeutic window" of cannabinoids is very large unlike so many other medications that are prescribed everyday. Overconsumption might be an issue with some, but guidance and education will enable us all to reduce this kind of experience. As with many other medicines, dose with titration in mind. As the saying goes, start low and go slow no matter what format of cannabis you decide on. Once the patient works up slowly they will “get to know” what the lowest effective dose is for them. It is what is called personalized medicine. Each patient must “start low, go slow, get to know one's self and stay low”.

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