Excellence in Cannabinoid Therapy Administration

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Licensed medical cannabis producer AgMedica Bioscience Inc. is pleased to announce that medical registrations are now being accepted from patients seeking new health options and solutions to their unmet medical needs. Working closely with healthcare professionals across many communities, AGMEDICA and their staff understand the patient treatment journey.

The company recently launched a patient-focused initiative entitled “Excellence in Cannabinoid Therapy Administration” (ECTA), a collaborative effort that offers cost-free support, education, hands-on training and a standardized approach to health care practitioners as they explore new ways of providing their patients with cannabinoid options. This win-win approach will enable optimal patient care, support low risk and responsible cannabinoid use and oster an open and ongoing dialogue between patients and their trusted health care practitioners.

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Our Patient Promise

All new and current patient registrations will always be treated as a priority. Smile, we’ve got you covered every step of your treatment journey.