AgMedica Strength

Bringing medical-grade cannabis into the world will be our top priority and overarching passion. Unique to AgMedica Bioscience Inc. is the diverse cross-functional skill we have thoughtfully built into our initial bold market entry plans. All cannabis is not created equally – the growth and nurturing of these incredible plants and their rich flowers requires the knowledge and expertise that plant science promises.

It also takes patience, dedication, an appreciation of why cannabis matters so much to so many, and an understanding of our clients and their unique needs. At AgMedica, these are just some of our corporate differentiators and the values we will always strive to base our direction on.

Well-Being Across Communities

At AgMedica, we all feel fortunate to be living in this great country and investing our time, efforts, resources and passion on something that is and will continue to make an enormous impact on people’s well-being, their healthcare options as well as the trusted availability of a safe and consistent cannabis product right from the start. We are also continuous learners, always looking to surpass boundaries and deliver a positive experience for the great people we serve across all diverse communities.

Critical Beginnings

Our AgMedica nursery team and growers have one single mission – to grow, nourish, cultivate and harvest of a safe and distinctive cannabis product. We will work to optimize the unique methods of producing the cannabis flower while utilizing best-practice and ecologically efficient production and manufacturing processes. It’s more than just what we do…it’s also how we do it. We are here for you!